Why is it called a gooseneck? The trailer needs to extend over the back of your truck, and thus the name gooseneck hitch because the extended trailer arching forward like something like a goose’s neck in flight.

gooseneck hitch

Gooseneck Hitch And Trailer

When using this type of heavy-duty hitch, you may want to consider the following:

  • Capacity- The gooseneck hitch is not far from the fifth wheel hitch in regards to capacity. It can handle loads of up to 30,000 pounds, making it ideal for heavy trailers.
  • Mounting- gooseneck hitch hitches are mounted in the truck bed’s middle section instead of the rear, allowing you to make sharper turns.
  • Specific Trailers- If your truck has a front end that protrudes out further, then this hitch is perfect for you.

Installation Not for The Novice- First and foremost, mounting a gooseneck hitch is complex as it calls for the removal of the truck bed in order to install the frame that will hold the ball in position. Mounting a gooseneck requires cutting and drilling, something you may not want to do to your vehicle, especially as a beginner.

However, this common hitch results in a stronger hitch compared to the conventional ball hitch mounted on a receiver.

Gooseneck hitches come in several weight classes and are sized for the amount of weight you intend to haul.


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