We want to highlight the Ledom’s GL Series Flatbed.

When it comes to hauling and transporting big loads easily and efficiently, nothing offers the versatility quite like a sturdy and well-designed GL Series truck body.

The Truck Guys at Ledom’s wanted a gooseneck flat bed that was user friendly and has some built in features to make it even better for our customers.  So, we designed the GL © Series Cross-Memberless Flatbed with our customer’s input, needs and expectations in mind.

All our GL © Series Flatbeds from 7’ lengths to 12’ lengths have the standard features listed below:

  • Headboard is made with 3” Round Tube for superior strength and looks.
  • Headboard Window Bars are 1” Square Tube set at diamond for maximum strength.
  • Swivel three hole/ flat hook Tie Rings at headboard
  • 10ga head sheet with return flange for added strength
  • Light boxes that are one piece design cut with CNC plasma torch, with integrated Stop, Turn and Tail Lights with Back Up Lights (LED)
  • 3/16” – 1 piece floor, the most “Robust Floor” in the industry.
  • 6” – 1 piece Formed Outer Rails
  • Heavy-duty Stake Pockets with the industries heaviest Rub Rail available on this type of flat bed. A massive 2.5” x ½” flat HR Bar Stock welded to each Stake Pocket
  • Reinforcement plates behind each Stake Pocket to eliminate any siderail tie flex
  • Structural Steel Long Sills, not formed like some others.
  • Rear 1 piece apron with integrated Stop, Turn and Tail Lights welded full width to floor (not skip welded) with recessed license plate well and light.
  • Rear Class 5 receiver hitch with heavy-duty 3/8” Formed Side Plates and Safety Chain Provisions
  • 2 – 5/16” B&W Turn Over Gooseneck Ball so it eliminates the need of a gooseneck well and cover
  • Recessed safety chain loops
  • Hide-a-way © 7 Pole RV Plug at gooseneck
  • 7 Pole RV Plug in rear skirt
  • Body is powder coated gloss black
  • All lights are LED and wires are jacketed for ultimate protection

See upgrade list for additional options.

Additional Upgrades & Options Available:

  • Gooseneck Trough
  • Toolboxes
  • Side Skirts
  • Raised 3” Skirt Rails
  • Gooseneck Trough
  • Hauler Body Upgrade
  • Dove Tail
  • Work Lights
  • Custom Paint and Graphics

GL Series Flatbeds By Ledoms

Headboard Window

1” Square Tube set at diamond for maximum strength.

Single Piece Integrated Lightboxes


Light boxes that are one piece design cut with CNC plasma torch, with integrated Stop, Turn and Tail Lights with Back Up Lights (LED)

Robust Flooring

3/16” – 1 piece floor, the most “Robust Floor” in the industry.

Hide-a-way © RV Plug

Hide-a-way © 7 Pole RV Plug at gooseneck

Flatbeds Are Easy To Load

One of the main reasons to use one has to do with the ease of loading it offers. The fact is, having something open makes it much easier to get things on and off than in an enclosed space. This can be especially true if you are dealing with larger items. With a flatbed, you have much more freedom with which you can load things on and off no matter what you’re talking about. It’s also much more efficient to load and remove things once you get to the intended destination for your haul.

Flatbeds Are Great For Hauling Many Materials

Another good thing about a flatbed is the ability to use it for various types of materials. You can transport a high volume of different materials in one trip due to their durability and strength. This can make them highly effective for moving lumber and other supplies that you might need for a building project.

You Don’t Need A Fancy Loading Dock

When you have a flatbed truck, you don’t have restrictions for loading and unloading. You will be able to get goods delivered no matter where you need them. Whether you are working on a residential project or a commercial site, it offers the flexibility you need which can make them highly attractive to those who are contractors or shippers.

At Ledom’s Equipment we can install a quality flatbed on virtually any type and size of truck you can imagine. You can really unleash the hauling capability of your rig with a Ledom’s-installed bed. We think you’ll be pleased when you see how affordable our custom truck equipment is.


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