Liftgates Installed By Ledom’s

The liftgate is the ideal solution for getting heavy cargo (meaning loads of more than 150 pounds) into a work truck’s bed. A liftgate uses an electric hydraulic system to raise and lower a platform mounted on the rear or side of the truck.

liftgatesLiftgates Save Time

When you’re loading and unloading your work truck all day, a liftgate is not just convenient but practically essential. To get your work truck equipped for the job, have a premium gate from a manufacturer like Tommy Gate or Thieman Tailgates installed at Ledom’s Equipment.

Once you have a Ledom’s-installed liftgate mounted on your truck, loading up is as easy as pushing a button.

Let us take the hassle, risk, and fatigue out of the loading and unloading process! Your employees will be more efficient and effective when they have a hydraulic liftgate helping them. Plus, using a liftgate cuts down on the risk of lifting and repetitive motion injuries.

We Repair Liftgates!

Already have a liftgate? Our full-service commercial truck shop can handle all of your maintenance and repair requirements! Fast, professional, reliable service will minimize your truck’s downtime and keep you working at maximum efficiency.

We handle all aspects of liftgates installation, service, and maintenance on every sort of truck. Pick-ups, box trucks, truck bodies, hitches, trailers and trailer repair plus custom fabrication – we work on them all! We have a team of experienced specialists standing by to handle all of your liftgate needs.

Picking out the right liftgate is a complex process. Platform size, truck type, capacity, and style all need to be considered. You can rely on us to keep the choice from getting complicated, though! We’ll help you through every step and share our expertise so that you end up with the liftgate that best fits your particular requirements.

Liftgate Installation

Once we’ve selected the right equipment, we’ll move on to installing your liftgate. We start by making space, removing the existing bumper on your truck or, in case of replacements, the old liftgate. Next, our experience comes to the fore as we “time” your new liftgate. This is the process of aligning all of the equipment to ensure that the platform is level in the up position, secure when stowed beneath the truck, and positioned for full articulation. Only after the positioning is perfect do we weld your new liftgate in place.

We finalize the installation by hooking up the electrical connections and installing the operating switch. After installation is complete, we check the liftgate’s operation and make adjustments as necessary. The finishing touch is thoroughly testing your new liftgate and applying the appropriate safety stickers.

We strive to deliver the highest quality in every part of the liftgate installation process. We want to deliver durable equipment, properly installed, with an attractive and long-lasting finish.

Trust Ledom’s Equipment with all of your liftgate work!

We handle:

  • Liftgate motor repair
  • Liftgate pump repair
  • Liftgate cylinder repair
  • Liftgate deck adjustment
  • Liftgate spring replacement
  • Liftgate switch repair
  • Fabrication of custom lift gates
  • Liftgate Installation


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