DOT Inspection

It is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) that a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) that weighs over 10,000 pounds be inspected once per year to ensure the CMV is in good working order and that it’s safe to use and working properly. This is referred to as a DOT inspection.

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Inspection of Commercial Vehicles

A Report must be made of the following items:

A Dot inspection should include reviewing the fuel system, exhaust, and brakes of a commercial truck, as well as its inspection reports, steering mechanisms, suspension, and tires.

The inspection also includes checking the emergency equipment, rims, wheels, coupling devices, rear vision mirrors, windshield wipers, horn, reflectors, lighting devices, parking (hand) brake, and trailer brake connections.

Any deficiencies or defects that might cause mechanical or safety hazards must be noted, and Ledom’s has repair services available to correct these deficiencies.

Trailer Inspection

If you have a trailer and vehicle that exceed 10,000 pounds, you will need to have an annual DOT inspection done on both of them. All trailers are required to be DOT inspected.

Additionally, any trailer that weighs more than 15,000 must have brakes on both of its axles.

Contact Ledom’s Equipment And Diesel Repair To Stay In DOT Compliance

Make sure your commercial motor vehicle’s (CMV) annual DOT inspections are scheduled on time, and deficiencies are repaired. Schedule an appointment with Ledom’s Equipment And Diesel Repair to schedule a DOT inspection. We have DOT certified technicians on our staff that can perform a DOT inspection on commercial trailers and trucks here in Colorado Springs.

Don’t risk non-compliance or unnecessary fines for failing to have your inspections done on time. Our DOT-certified technicians will make sure your trailers and trucks are safe for yet another year of profitable and legal travel in Colorado.


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