Battery And Charging Systems

Despite the fact that diesel engines use high compression for fuel/air ignition and don’t use spark plugs, electricity is still an important component  of any diesel truck. Your truck’s battery and charging system are critical to the reliable operation of your rig and Ledom’s can help you maintain that reliability.

battery and charging system

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Battery And Charging System Are Crucial

Today, virtually all of the systems in diesel trucks are operated and controlled by electronic equipment. This includes fuel management, emissions control, climate control, safety systems including airbags and anti-lock brakes.

Additionally, accessories including the air conditioner and heater system, lights, steering control, and other systems are controlled by the truck’s electrical system.

Electrical requirements of trucks have increased and become even more complex that alternators have now turned into highly-stressed powerhouses. The latest diesel trucks can no longer operate with batteries or alternators that do not perform close to 100% peak efficiency.

The charging systems typically include a method that generates electricity and batteries designed to store power. This may sound pretty basic, yet these are no longer simple systems. Today the standard system includes an alternator belt driven by an engine.

The Computer Controls Everything

The output of an alternator is regulated so that it controls the voltage within specific ranges, no matter the electrical load. The standard range is between 12 to 14.2 volts. When the voltage is too low or too high the electrical and electronic components will either become damaged or no longer work.

All the alternators are controlled by electronic regulators. These regulators control the overall output of these alternators. In previous years this includes a basic regulator that was mounted onto the vehicle which was independent or separate from the alternator. In the last few years, regulators are now built into the alternators and this system was named internally regulated.

Today, most trucks use a computer to control these charging systems and monitor the system while setting specific levels with the use of an engine-control computer. Most of the systems lower the load on the alternator during hard acceleration periods and increase the battery charge during deceleration periods.

The onboard computers which control every function of the truck require a battery and charging system that operates close to 100% peak efficiency to operate properly.

All of this adds up to the fact that for maximum reliability you need an electrical system to be running at top efficiency. Ledom’s can diagnose and repair any electrical system and restore your truck to tip-top shape!

Ledom’s supplies top quality NAPA batteries for just about any car, truck or equipment you can think of!


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