We Want to highlight the Ledom’s GL Series Custom Hauler.

​This is a Ledom’s Custom Hauler built for a customer that turned out very good. This started as a pick up and we removed the pickup bed and installed our very own GL 102CH.

What we have here today is our GL Series Custom Hauler  body that we custom build. I’m going to show you some features of our Custom Hauler body.

it’s got a two-piece headboard built with inch and a half round tube, side plates and then matched at the top we use a
round tube because it’s stronger than square tubing like everybody else uses.

I’ll bet you’ve never seen a race car with a square tubing roll cage in it have you trimmed in aluminum.

We’ve got four tool boxes on this bed, these boxes are built by rc industries with t-handle latches gas strut retainers on all four weather sealed, cam lock doors doors.

Jeep style fenders our customer want to squared off radius fenders we normally use a round fender but i think it looks kind of cool on this bed.

Another tool box here and we’ve got more aluminum trim here to step up on. In addition we have a three inch taperon each side of the rear to assist in accessing the bed when you got a trailer hooked to it plus it helps when you’re turning the truck that it doesn’t hit the trailer!

We have got a class five receiver hitch, deep steps in the back six inches on the rear, steps marker lights all led
recessed license plate pan and safety chain provisions here.

We have a seven pole plug here on the truck if you’re pulling a ball mounted trailer we have a hidden 7-pole plug for when you hook up to your fifth wheel so you don’t have a cord draped over the back of the truck. This has a copyright on it it’s probably the only one in the industry that you’ll ever see!

Again more toolboxes on this side and we have lights in the header up here – our lights incorporate backup lights in every one of our oblong lights so at night when you’re backing up it’s really bright.

One piece 3 16 tread plate floor with custom lining on it this body has no cross members under it – it’s a cross memberless body and it’s stronger than a body that has crossmembers.

You’ll notice on our cab protector we have square tubing turned on diamond so it makes it really strong if something was to get loose it won’t come through the back gab glass, just a nice nice product.

We not only drew it we designed it we built it we manufactured it and we finished it, and this project has bee really cool for us and as you can see behind me it’s something to be very proud of because we really like the turnout.

Not only because you can’t buy one anywhere else you can’t buy it in a box and the customer was involved in making this happen for you!


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