Driveability Diagnosis

Driveability Diagnosis

You might have heard the term “driveability diagnosis” mentioned when discussing the mysterious and irritating problems your truck may be having with automotive technicians. Usually, this term is associated with the way the truck runs or starts, and is normally related to the truck’s engine control system or related components.

A driveability diagnosis is needed whenever your truck or SUV engine is not performing properly but a diagnostic fault code is not being set by the computer. Often these problems are hard to diagnose and fix. This is where experience and a good problem ability are essential to finding and repairing problems that cause driveability problems

Your truck might be experiencing some of these symptoms:

  • Running roughly
  • Surging when you drive at certain speeds
  • Hesitate whenever you accelerate
  • Fail to start
  • Hard to start
  • Fleeting error messages
  • Many confusing error messages
  • Repeated component failures
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Low power
  • Truck is in limp mode

This isn’t a complete list, however, if any of the problems are related to your truck, then a repair shop technician is going to need to collect as much information as he can to help pinpoint what the exact problem is.

Good Answers Are Key To A Driveability Diagnostic

For driveability diagnostic problems, some pointed questions will need to be asked by the technician. To solve a problem like this, your ability to provide clues can really help the mechanic out.

Clear communication between the vehicle owner and repair shop is essential for the process. You can influence the process directly by describing the symptoms of the truck accurately and when the symptoms occur. Any clues that you can provide will help.

This clear communication will help the repair technician narrow down their diagnostic process in order to find the right solution faster.

driveability diagnosis

Road Tests Can Help

To really solve these irritating problems might require the owner and shop personnel to go on a road test together to to try to replicate the problem.

Giving accurate information will help to reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent on identifying the necessary repair and over the long run will save you money and time.

Fortunately, Ledom’s Repair has experienced technicians who have been fully trained to handle driveability diagnostic issues. We have the skills, training, experience and tools needed to pinpoint driveability issues.

With more than 70 years of combined experience in the repair industry, you can be confident that we will be able to solve your driveability problem and get your truck back to the sweet-running rig you depend on.

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