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Cooling System Maintenance

Trucks have definitely been improved significantly over the years, but their engines still have the tough task of converting chemical energy into mechanical power, working hard every day for us.

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Much of the energy in the diesel or gasoline engine is converted to heat, which is why the cooling system has the tough task of cooling the engine quickly and efficiently, avoiding engine damage and helping our modern powerplants have a long and productive life.

The Cooling System is Essentially the Heart of the Vehicle

You can think of this system as the heart of your vehicle. The water pump is responsible for circulating a vital fluid i.e. antifreeze/coolant, through the radiator of the engine and the primary role is “regulating” or ensuring that the engine doesn’t overheat (or run too cool) by transferring the heat to the air.

A vehicle’s cooling system also plays other key roles, such as letting the engine heat up as quickly as possible and then keeping it at a constant temperature.

Your truck, unlike the human body, doesn’t reproduce new coolant to ensure that it runs optimally. That’s why a regularly scheduled coolant maintenance is essential to maintain the overall health of your hardworking truck.

Cooling system maintenance is critical to avoiding expensive repair bills and for a long and healthy life of your truck’s engine

Watch Out for Any Obvious Warning Signs Of Cooling System Stress

Keeping your vehicle’s cooling system properly maintained and functioning optimally will save your engine from potentially expensive and harmful damage. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your engine by understanding the warning signs of cooling system issues and practicing proper maintenance.

It is worth noting that car coolant doesn’t just get used up during a car’s normal operations. So, if you find that your vehicle’s coolant level is frequently low, chances are your vehicle is leaking coolant.

A Colorado Springs diesel mechanic can verify whether you have a radiator or a water pump that’s leaking by conducting a coolant pressure test.

Here are other obvious signs of related issues and warning signs you need to be aware of:

  • Poor performance of your car air conditioning system or heater
  • Car coolant/ antifreeze on the floor of the passenger compartment
  • Overheating engine i.e. steam near your coolant reservoir or beneath the hood
  • Temperature gauge that’s higher than usual or warning light on the dashboard
  • Car coolant / antifreeze drain beneath the vehicle
  • Coolant in the oil (failed head gasket)

Any one of these signs may also indicate a leaking or worn radiator or radiator hoses or even worse. You need to get the vehicle to an experienced truck repair center without delay.

Prolonged overheating may severely damage the engine, resulting in very expensive repair bills.

Ledom’s Also Performs Regular Cooling System Maintenance as well as Flush and Fill

If you regularly check belts, fluid levels, and hoses and bring your vehicle in at least once every year for a cooling system check, you will be far more likely to avoid cooling system problems and experience trouble-free driving.

Cooling system repairs typically require the help of a trained professional.

If you aren’t experiencing any of the issues discussed here, you should consult the owner’s manual for the recommended service interval for your truck.

To avoid corrosion and other issues, OEMs usually recommend flushing and changing the coolant every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. You should also keep in mind that car coolant is toxic and also picks up heavy-metal contamination during use, so you want to make sure you dispose of your coolant as a hazardous waste if you are doing this yourself.

Why not avoid the mess and inconvenience of DIY cooling system maintenance and make an appointment today at Ledom’s to have that cooling system checked out – for your peace of mind!


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