Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing

If you want the tires on your truck to last long and continue to run vibration-free and quiet, then it is necessary to provide them with some maintenance through the years. Tire balancing is one great way to add miles to the life of your tires and provide a more comfortable ride through reduced vibrations.

tire balancing

Therefore, it is critical to get a tire specialist to examine your tires for wear and balance at regular intervals.

Whenever we think about extending tire life, tire balancing is one of the very first things we think of, in addition to tire rotation.

Tire Balancing At Regular Intervals

You should have the tires on your truck checked regularly to ensure they are balanced properly to extend their lifespan. Whenever your tires are checked for balance, the technician will check to make sure the tread is wearing evenly.

If the tires on your truck are properly balanced, they should wear evenly and without cupping or other issues. However, if you notice any excessive or uneven wear, you should get the suspension components and alignment checked as soon as possible.

Chassis Vibrations Could Spell Trouble

At times, while you are driving you might notice some slight vibrations in the chassis. Those vibrations may be due to the tires having lost balance over the years. Vibrations that are the result of tires being out of balance not only are annoying, but they also may create added stress and accelerate your suspension components wearing out more quickly.

Over time if you don’t do something about out of balanced tires, a catastrophic failure might occur which could be either a blown-out tire or a broken suspension component.

tire blowout caused by poor tire balancing

Unbalanced tires may also lead to excessive accelerated wear of tires. In order to compensate for this imbalance that is generated, the tires will start to wear from the edges, particularly if you have worn shock absorbers.

Remember, tires should always wear evenly and not the edges.


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