The owners and management of Midwest Barricade Co., Inc. have known and depended upon Larry Ledom for his knowledge and expertise in caring for all of our truck bed and accessory needs for over 25 years. We consider his integrity and honesty along with his ingenious and innovative ideas of functional design and fabrication to be a valuable asset. We hope Larry will continue to be a valued business associate and trusted friend for years to come.
Steve Thune

Manager, Midwest Barricade Co., Inc.

I just wanted to send a quick note to say “thank you for the great service in 2017”! I truly appreciate the Concierge Service in that your team is always ready to take me where I need to be (while your techs are working on my oil change, etc.) and they in turn are willing to get me back to my car or bring my car to me. Thanks again for the extra kindness you provide.
Sandy Lehnertz

Whether the repair is for a tractor, mower, disc, rake, harrow or a trailer, Ledom’s has been able to get me back on the work site very efficiently and cost effectively.
Falcon Mowing, Inc.

I have been doing business with Larry Ledom for over 20 years. He has been a very big help with all the projects that I have brought to him to do. If he were to tell me that something could not be done, I would know it would not be worth taking anywhere else. Larry runs a very professional business and I know that when he is done with a job it is done right. You never have to worry about any safety problems with his work and he tells you up front the correct way it has to be done. I recommend his business to my current customers all the time if they come in looking for someone in his one of business.
Mitch Brown

General Manager, Tire Centers

On behalf of the Wasson Cheer Squad, coaching staff, and parent committees, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your generosity and support. I just wanted to let you know your T-Bird was amazing (approximate value $200). All proceeds from our auctions will go to our general fund. These monies will help us pay for our new uniforms as well as get our competition squad to state level competitions. Wasson Cheerleading is so thankful to be part of a community as wonderful and caring as ours, and are as committed to our community as you are to us.
Marilyn Mahar

Assistant Coach, Wasson Cheer

Many, many thanks to the pros at Ledom’s for their wonderful concierge service. I benefit big time from Ledom’s because when I drop off my truck, they’ll give me a ride home. If I don’t have time to drop it off, they’ll come and get it. And when my truck is finished, Ledom’s will deliver it to me. Look, we’re all busy and when Ledom’s gives me a ride and/or delivers my vehicle to me, that is a huge time-saver. Not only that, they wash my truck for FREE too. Not just another courtesy but another task that I don’t have to do…once again, they’re saving me time. Bottom line: nobody touches my truck except Ledom’s and that’s because I know it’s going to be repaired or maintained right the first time…which is why my truck is a smooth running machine with 311,000 miles on it. The icing on the cake is that by giving me a ride and then delivering my clean vehicle to me, they are giving me some precious time back into my hectic schedule.
Michael F. Lehnertz, M.Ed.

Personal HorsePower, LLC

I have known Larry Ledom for about 20 years and have done lots of business with him and always have been treated fair. Larry is one of the best fabricators I have ever met because he can look at a project and knows what needs to be done and if he has any questions he is not afraid to ask someone that knows the answer. Larry is not just a business associate he is a great friend. Anytime someone wants work done on trucks we send them to him.
Wayne Price

Owner, Jett Ink

We have an ongoing working relationship with Ledom’s for purchasing parts, machining new parts, and welding work. All of the work was completed in a timely manner at a fair price with the highest quality of work. We recommend Ledom’s to others in need of their services!
Bradley Excavating

I like how, when I’m in a jam with work, the folks at Ledom’s Performance pick up my truck, service it, clean it up, and then return it to me before close of business. No one else does that.
They’re amazing!
Gary Stacy

Owner, Imagery Enlightened

Ed Green Construction has been doing business with Mr. Ledom for over 20 years. Mr. Ledom has not only been a supplier and a contractor for Ed Green Construction, but Ed Green Construction has also been a customer of Mr. Ledom’s for new building projects, truck equipment installs, and welding projects. He has shown great enthusiasm, efficiency, and professionalism towards his work on all levels.

Since our company began over 33 years ago, we have found very few subcontractors/suppliers/customers like Mr. Larry Ledom. We here at Ed Green Construction will not hesitate to call on his services or supply him with ours in the future.

Ed Green Construction, Co.

We perform large field mowing, fertilizing and seeding operations in Eastern Colorado and have built and sustained a large customer base over the 4 years that I have owned and operated the company. My business is very seasonal and requires my machinery and equipment to be fully operational from March through November. Down time during our work year causes a very substantial loss of revenue as well as scheduling chaos. We have built our reputation on performing our services when we are scheduled and doing a quality job. Having effective operational equipment is a necessity to perform these duties. Prior to 2006 when we had a breakdown it was a harried scramble to find a shop that was capable of and willing to work on our un-ordinary pieces of equipment. We often had to piece mill equipment together and just get buy until I could have a factory piece ordered in to replace the broken part. This often resulted in 7-10 days of waiting for the part, paying a premium for factory parts, plus the added expense of hurried shipping and then actual replacement of the component. This was a stressful and difficult part of my business to manage.

When Ledom’s was recommended to me in 2006, we began using their services and quickly found an invaluable source to restore, repair or fabricate our replacement parts for our equipment. Larry has been able to minimize my downtime as well as reduce my costs of repair and replacement of parts for all of my equipment. Whether the repair is for a tractor, mower, disc, rake, harrow or a trailer, Ledom’s has been able to get me back on the work site very efficiently and cost effectively. If the repair needed to be a quick temporary fix until we could schedule the appropriate time to repair the problem completely, or whether it was fabricating a part to replace a broken piece, Larry has always been accommodating with scheduling time to get us in. It is rare to find a business that is not only absolutely capable in all aspects of their repair business but is also capable of seeing life from his customers perspective as well.

Falcon Mowing, Inc.