Truck Guys Corner

The first quarter of 2020 is finishing up on a very promising note.  The economy in our community is doing well and continuing to grow.  Winter is almost over, and the Colorado lovely Spring is on the way! 

Here at Ledom’s Performance we have added some more manufactures, teammates, and vendors to keep us all up to date and working.  If you did not know, Ledom’s Performance has two sides of the house.  One is automotive repair, and the other is truck equipment.  As a business both continue to grow, and we are very excited to the upcoming future with more changes and challenges headed our way.

We have upgraded our phone system to better accommodate the customer, and we have updated our website again!!!  Both are intentional in SERVING our friends and family better.  Check out our website at and let us know what you think. There is a contact page right on our website to contact us directly.  We would like to personally ask you to remember that at Ledom’s we are “People Serving People” and our team is truly here to serve!

As the owners, Larry and I have been blessed to serve this community together for over 50 years.  That, of course, is only thanks to a community that continues to believe in us and our team.  Colorado Springs has really grown in the last 8 -10 years and as a company we are very proud to be a part of this growth.

Lastly, if you need ANYTHING automotive or equipment related, we are a phone call away.  You can even drop by either shop for a cup of coffee or we can take you to lunch. (Just Google us on maps.)

Not only would we love to see you, our team would love the opportunity to serve you, your family and your friends.

From all of us at Ledom’s have a GREAT 2020!!

The Truck Guys,

Larry Ledom

Greg Budwine




Team Member of the Quarter

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens has been employed with our team for over 3 years and is a very important part of our day to day operation.

He oversees ordering all the service parts needed to get our customers taken care of and back on the road as quick as possible. 

Kevin not only has a heart for our customers, and our team, they also have a heart for him.

Community Events and Dates

National Car Care Awareness – April 1st

We are offering ½ price oil changes. Stop in and get your oil changed at a great savings and value to you.

  • Rendezvous at Latigo -April-25-2020
  • Flying W Ranch/ opening-May-22-2020
  • Territory Days -May-23-25 -2020
  • Colo Spgs Street Breakfast-June-17-2020

Vendor Spotlight

In 1946, after serving in the U.S. Navy, a young and determined William R. Parkhurst, founded the PARKHURST MANUFACTURING COMPANY in a borrowed two-car garage and built his first two-wheeled utility trailer.

Late that year, the company relocated to a newly constructed 4,000 square foot building and started producing what would become the mainstay of the company…..the Parkhurst Farm Truck Body. 

In 1948, a new addition was underway doubling the square footage of the factory to keep up with production as the “Parkhurst” name was now appearing on stock racks, wagon boxes, van bodies, truck bodies, and utility trailers throughout Central Missouri.

LEDOMS is proud to represent a company that has the same Values and Focus on quality as we do.

Flatbeds, Dump bodies, Grain bodies, Contractor bodies all manufactured in America.

Parkhurst Manufacturing

Take this simple test to see if your vehicle needs a DOT inspection!

  • Do you use a small truck (flatbed, van, pick-up) in your business Y or N
  • Is your vehicle used to transport: Tools, Products, Passengers, Supplies used in your trade? Y or N
  • Any hazardous material (gasoline, oxygen, acetylene, propane, paint, solvents, glues, fertilizer, etc.) Y or N
  • Do you personally own, lease or use your employee’s vehicles in your business  Y or N

If you answered Yes to one or more questions some or all the federal and states regulations may apply to your company, your vehicles and the people who drive them.

Do I need a DOT Inspection?

 You are operating a commercial vehicle if you transport passengers or property in a vehicle that:

  • Has an actual gross weight (GVW) or gross combination vehicle weight (GCW) of 10.001 pounds or more.
  • GVW means the weight of the vehicle and its load.
  • GCW means the weight of a combination vehicle and its load.
  • Has a gross weight rating (GVWR) or gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 10.001 pounds or more.
  • GVWR is the value specified by the manufactures as a safe loaded weight of a single vehicle (the GVWR is located on the manufactures tag, usually on or inside driver’s door).
  • GCWR is the value specified by the manufacture as the loaded weight of a combination of vehicles. (Truck and Trailer)

It does not matter if you:

  1. Are not for hire
  2. Only transport company property
  3. Are the only driver