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Some Frequently Asked Questions We Get

Running a truck repair shop in Colorado Springs involves addressing a wide range of inquiries from clients, concerning various aspects of truck maintenance, repair needs, and service procedures.

The most frequently asked questions tend to revolve around service offerings, cost estimates, timeframes, warranty and guarantee policies, and the expertise of the technicians. Below is a detailed exploration of some of these common inquiries:

What types of services do you offer?

Clients often want to know the breadth of services a truck repair shop provides. This can range from routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations) to more complex repairs involving engine work, transmission repairs, brake services, electrical system repairs, and diagnostics. Detailing the services helps clients understand if their specific needs can be met.

You can see many of the repair & maintenance services we offer HERE.

Can you provide an estimate for the repair costs?

Cost is a primary concern for most clients. They usually seek an estimate before committing to any repair work. Estimates are typically based on an initial diagnosis, which may involve a visual inspection or a more detailed assessment using diagnostic tools. It’s important to communicate that these estimates can be subject to change based on the discovery of additional issues during the repair process.

How long will the repair take?

Time is of the essence, especially for commercial trucks that are critical to business operations. Clients often ask about the turnaround time for repairs to plan accordingly. The timeframe can vary widely depending on the complexity of the repair, the availability of parts, and the current workload of the shop. Providing an estimated timeline, while explaining potential factors that could lead to delays, helps manage client expectations.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your work?

Assurance of quality is crucial for clients. They frequently inquire about the type of warranty or guarantee provided on the repair work and replacement parts. Information about the duration of the warranty, what it covers, and the procedure for claiming it should be clearly communicated.

Are your technicians certified?

The expertise and qualifications of the technicians are often a concern for clients looking for reliable repair services. Queries about certifications (e.g., ASE certification) and the experience level of the technicians help clients gauge the shop’s ability to effectively and efficiently handle their repair needs.

Ledom’s personnel are the best of the best. 

Do you use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts?

The type of replacement parts used in repairs (OEM vs. aftermarket) can significantly affect the quality and price of the service. Clients may ask about the shop’s policy on the types of parts used for repairs and may express a preference based on their budget and quality expectations.

Rest assured, Ledom’s uses the best parts for your repairs and maintenance on the market today, whether they are OEM or sourced from another quality manufacturer.

Do you offer mobile repair services?

For larger fleets or when vehicles are stranded, the availability of mobile repair services can be a crucial factor. Inquiries about on-site repairs, the types of services that can be performed remotely, and any additional costs associated with mobile services are common.

At this point, Ledom’s does not offer a mobile repair service, although we can have your truck towed to our shop for repairs.

Can you handle repairs for my specific make and model?

Trucks vary widely in terms of design, technology, and mechanics. Clients with vehicles from specific manufacturers or less common models may ask about the shop’s familiarity and experience with their particular make and model to ensure competent service.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ask Us!

Addressing these questions thoroughly and transparently can help build trust with potential clients, ensuring they feel confident in the shop’s ability to meet their repair needs. Effective communication, coupled with high-quality service, forms the backbone of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the truck repair industry.


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